Washing Wool

I've been washing a fleece, I'd love nothing more than to say fleeces but alas it's a single fleece at the moment. It's a romney fleece that was incredibly big, and heavy. It is currently cold soaking in 8 five gallon buckets, it'll get rinsed tomorrow and then will be washed in hot water in the washing machine.

I have two pounds of said silver fleece currently dyeing, on color is butterscotch with a bit of turkey red added to the pot and the other pound is pine green, and I might add the pine green is stunning on this silver fleece. I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow when I remove it from the vat.

I know I know pictures please! I'll have to bring the digital camera from teh studio as I am no longer able to find my other card for the video camera - thank you John for rearranging my desk!

I'm feeling somewhat better, I knew the smell of a dirty fleece would be just the ticket to perk me up, only felt like hacking a lung up twice today. I'm really tired of being sick, I can only imagine what it's like for people who are chronic.