New Techniques

Regina Rooks demo'ing the Tsukineko inks in aloe vera gel at my open house - Regina is a super talented artist who makes exquisit jewelry! Here she's painting some flowers on fabric using the inks and the aloe vera.

I've been working with the Tsukineko inks all day and wanted to share some new techniques I've picked up along the way. Regina, you can see her on my blog, found a link for mixing aloe vera gel with the tsukineko inks to created a controlled effect, it worked so well that I decided to try my hand at screen printing with the inks today, in the aloe vera gel, and it works very very well! I'll post a video on my blog/ later this weekend so you can see the results. Anyway, heat set with an iron as ususal. This works really well with the Setacolor paints and natural dye extracts also.

More later from the studio front - I'm having an open house today.