Silk Carrier Rods & More

Finally the twelve colors I dye over the weekend have been rinsed and are now drying - on drying racks I made using wooden stretchers and some fiberglass screen mesh. This method works really well btw. I need to make some more frames this week. I dyed the carrier rods using Country Classic Dyes, this seems to be a less harsh method of dyeing the rods, when I used natural dyes they basically desintigrated in the dye pots. I'll try to post pictures this week.

It's hot and humid here, really humid! I think we are getting Florida's weather but am not a hundred percent sure.

My neck is still bothering me, I'm seeing the doctor for my kidneys' tomorrow but I think I will have my neck looked at as well. I was getting into hubbies truck on Sunday, his is shorter than mine and I forgot this, anyway I cracked my head really good on the door frame. I just had my eyes checked but I'm really starting to think I'm losing my peripheal (sp?) vision as I really should have seen the truck frame moving towards my head.