So Life Goes On???

I was able to find a vet that did pet cremations, in town no less. So Barley will be returning home in about two weeks in a little tin (or velvet bag) I've been told. The vet will make a clay cast of his foot, I wasn't able to get a clear print using a stamp pad and paper.

Silky has figured out what's going on and is moping, Pepper is scared out of his gourd as he doesn't know where his buddy has disappeared too, and Angel is absolutely clueless, though she got the closest too him when I showed him to them, though Silky did try to lick/bite (?) his ear. I"m not really sure what Silky was trying to do.

We figure Silky is next as she's not doing well at all, and she's going on 10 which is old for a large dog, especially for one that's been fighting cancer for the past six years. This is of course if Angel doesn't do herself in by doing twirls on the staircase, I haven't figure out how to break her of this, she's quite the whirliing durbish when excited and stopping her is next to impossible.

John and I discussed Barley's accident last night, he's been falling a lot lately, I'm not sure why, except that he was just old. He also had intermittent eyesight, which the vet was unable to explain but he might have had a neurlogical problem it's hard telling. You try to do your best and yet they still end up dying, yes life sucks.