I spent the better part of the afternoon in my wet studio creating. I can't wait to get into the new space, so that everything is on the same floor. Right now I'm waiting for the glue (E6000) to dry on my piece I"m making, you'll have to wait for more details. I'm hoping to have it mostly done tonight though. Whence I get this piece done I have plans to make a second one and video tape the process.

I'm also making a book piece in memory of Barley, it's the best way to work past all of this, I have found that creating is the best way to work through pain and loss. I have some bright yellow cast paper I made years ago that he was insistant on walking on while it dried. As a result his paw prints are embedded in the paper. First I have to find that piece of paper, then I can do something with it.

I'm hoping that the clay mold the vet makes of his foot is clear so I can make a reverse cast/stamp of it, I'll know more about that in a couple of weeks.