New Work and Life Goes On

I will have to take some pictures later of my newer pieces. After much deliberation I have decided to take the webstore down for a space of time, probably until early summer. In the meantime I'm concentrating more on my career as an artist and am working on a commercial studio space. Printing fabric is my passion, printing with natural dyes now that I'm even more passionate about.

In the past year it has become exceedingly impossible to work with a shopping cart that would function only part of the time, seems that no matter how much money I spend on modules and IT work it still did not function correctly. Couple that with a thousand plus other retailers that are selling the same products as I was, their retail prices very often were what I was paying for the same products wholesale and it doesn't take long to do the math.

So now I'm at a point where I am evaluating things, getting a grip on where to go next.

The online classes will resume later this spring. I am currently photographing, video taping, and am rewriting all of the documentation (workbooks) for the classes. I have found that a 40 page workbook format is working well for me. I have learned a lot in the past year and will learn even more this coming year.

Stay tuned and meanwhile back at the prairie...