What I'm Up To

Or where is my order??? Hopefully I will have the email bugs worked out tomorrow, for some odd reason I can receive email, but am unable to send, and apparently this has been going on for two weeks. Oddly enough I thought my mail was getting sent, but then out of the blue I clicked on a folder and what do you know all of the mail I've sent out has ended up in this folder. At least I know who hasn't received an email, but it's still frustrating none the less.

I'm spending the month of January and February doing taxes, inventory, catching up up on back orders, and getting ready for classes. Getting ready for classes entails shooting new video, I've discovered that all of the video I took with my webcam cannot be edited with video editing programs - or at least the ones I own anyway (Pinnacle, and Adobe Premier)

This means everything has to be reshot, which means prepping all over again. The upside to this is I am creating new samples, which means I have more to choose from, and I'm taking some of the older ones and am creating a finished piece - which allows me to create projects for my classes - one of the biggest requests I've had.

I'm also hoping to have a few vidcasts and podcasts up soon, it's hard getting everything done when it's only you that's doing the work. My husband is willing to keep me in equipment though.

I've finished updating the Rust and Clay Dyeing book, putting the video clips in another location as this proved to be too confusing. This book is on CDROM.