Taking Time Off

Note if you placed an order before January 3rd it's getting shipped this week, now that I'm recovered from the flu and feel like standing in public again. If you are waiting for a backordered item it will be shipped as soon as it arrives here.

If you placed an order after January 3rd it'll get filled, eventually, I'm taking the month of January off, so it may come at the end of the month, it may come sooner.

Now on with life...

I've decided to take some time off, the month of January to be precise. And if I don't get everything done then I'll take February off as well. I'm using this time to get caught up on things, like book work, inventory, taxes, and back orders. I'm also refilming - and editing - all of my online classes. And if that wasn't enough I decided to clean my surface design studio this afternoon. That'll take the rest of the week as I want to put things where I can actually get to them so that they are easy to get to, clear as mud??? In a nutshell I'm tired of wading through piles and stacks to get to something.

Normally I'm quite organized but when I'm pushing a deadline I start piling and stacking. So it's time to clean. The upside is I'm finding all sorts of beautiful fabrics, and papers, that I have composted, rusted, or otherwise surfaced.

Anyway, I would have had a headstart on all of this cleaning but I ended up helping hubby organize his studio on Monday. Tis ok I now have more space to put my stuff
;-) He just doesn't know that yet. We cut down the wood for making more encaustic boxes, I just have to find a wall in this house to hang them on now.