Fun Fun Fun

I think my recycling endeavors just reached an all time high over here. Brenda and I got togehter today and exchanged our xmas presents (I was too sick over the holiday, flu, to do so then) She got me two new books:

Plush-O-Rama Curious Creatures for Immature Adults by Linda Kopp and Stupid Sock Creatures: Making Quirky, Lovable Figures from Cast-off Socks by John Murphy

This absolutely feeds that need to make plushies and ugly art dolls. I have quite the collection of plushies I've made already, and a few really ugly art dolls as well (they are so ugly they are adorable) Anyway, don't google the word plushie! A plushie is a stuffed animal but it's not quite animal and it's not quite a doll, kinda like adorable little alien creatures.

The Stupid Sock Book - I have a sheltie that chews holes in socks so now I have all these odd ball socks, perfect for making dolls out of! I'm one of those people who loved the sock monkey, remember those? My grandmother made one for each of us one year (five total) back in the early 70's and somehow or another I ended up with most of them.