Sugar and Spice

And Tabby Cats with Mice.

Barley, aka the old man of the woods, woke me up at 5:11 this morning, actually Angel was the one that woke me up with her incessant barking. At first I thought someone was in the house but it turns out that Barley had a mouse cornered, and Angel - being the sheltie she is - was giving the warning sound that danger was eminent, for the mouse that is. Needless to say Barley ate the mouse as I was unable to get it away from him, he ate it head first of course so he was walking around with a mouse tail sticking out of his mouth, like it was a toothpick - that's my redneck cat. It's amazing how fast he can move for a 14 year old cat, I was pretty amazed, and considering he has no front claws he caught that mouse with no problems.