Someone left me a comment, but I can't find it now, asking if I was from Newfoundland??? Actually my mother was from Cape St. George, Newfoundland Canada. She still has siblings that live there.

I lived there for a very brief time in the late 70's when my mother got a wild hair to leave my dad and moved back home. That didn't last long though, she went back because she missed my brother, who had chosen to stay in the states, and quite fiercely.

What I remember of it was the land was really rugged and lots of fog. My greatest experience was watching the whales with my aunt, and that the water was too cold to swim in, hey what did a little kid from Illinios know???

Would love to go back there someday. The closest thing that resembles NFLD here in this part of the country is the western shore of Lake Superior up nearest the Canadian border, lots of cliffs, rocks, water that is too cold to swim in and fog! Oh and did I mention pine trees?