One sick kitty

Hopefully the vet will be available tomorrow morning. Aside from cleaning his ears I have yet to figure out what it is that's making Pepper so sick. He was fine yesterday, after I cleaned his ears. One of the perks of his being ill is he is very affectionate right now, but I have to admit I miss his spit fire spunkiness.

This is one siamese that came dressed as a tabby cat. As a general rule I don't like siamese cats, have had way too many bad experiences with them, so I tell everyone that God pulled one over on me when He gave me Pepper because he's a siamese dressed as a tabby! His mother was full siamese, and if you look at him in the correct light you can see his seal points. When he was a kitten I kept trying to wash the dirt off of his face, he was a farm cat rescue, turns out chocoalte seal points don't wash off but they have faded, and considerably so, over the past five years now.

He's definately a daddy's boy ;-) Here he is about half asleep, and purring very loudly, in John's arms.