Of Squirrels and Men

Ok this is more excitement than what I need in one day, let alone a week. I went to the attic with hubby to help install the newly created attic window - we have found that after a hundred years they start to fall out of the house.

Anyway... I hear some rustling behind me, I turn around, and there in one of the hanging wardrobes, envision plastic vinyle closet and you are there, and there is a squirrel looking at me. Well actually it was leaping towards me. It's amazing how fast a person with bad knees can move when a rodent is flying at you! I moved it hit the newly installed window and proceeded to bounce everywhere in the attic. I screamed and fled the attic. Feed me fish head stew anyday but squirrel wrangling and I'm outta here.

So as I speak the neighbor is up in the attic helping hubby to chase said squirrel out of our attic. And what a ruckus they are making.