One of those days

I seem to have misplaced some fabrics, a HUGE pile of fabrics I might add. This is really frustrating as I was planning on using these fabrics in my classes as examples, they will pushed even further surface design wise.

In other news the weather changed here, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees in an hour, the wind is blowing a good 30+ mph hour now making my allergies scream. More later from the studio front.

So aside from the above I got to sleep sometime after four o'clock this morning. The city in it's infinite wisdom decided it needed to work on the sewer last night, starting sometime around 10is pm, right outside our front door. The equipment they used was noisy, and this is an understatement. Couple that with the weimeraner being very ill with an infected dew claw, I didn't sleep a wink. The dog is doing better, good enough to be tearing at her bandages. I have to go out and get some bitter apple to put on the bandage to keep her off of it for another day.