Fall is Here

In the northern hemisphere (my part of the world is Iowa) the leaves are now falling from the trees, some colors are spectacular, most are quite muddy this year. The trees are heavily laden with seeds and fruit, in preparation for next summer.

This is an excellent time to go out and photograph nature. Digital cameras are a great tool for this, and can be had for very little money now, as you can see the image immediately and delete any unwanted images.

During the fall I look for patterns, noting the way the leaves have fallen from the trees, how they are interlaced with blades of green grasses.

Going out after a rain storm can also yeild many beautiful images as this is a prime time to capture rain drops laying on leaves, some have formed puddles in the folds of the leaves, others are simply sittng there as if carefully placed there for good keeping.

Because the leaves are falling from the trees the patterning of the bark can be seen in all it's glory. Experiment with photographing the bark at different hours of the day and in different conditions, a cloudy foggy day as opposed to a bright clear day.

I also enjoy photographing the fields, after they have been harvested. Pattern dominates everywhere in the countryside on both a macro and mircoscopic scale. Don't be afraid to get down on the ground and look at the base of the plants themselves.

In addition to my digital camera I take my sketchbook and watercolor pencils into the field with me. I also have a portable watercolor tray that I take along. I keep all of this in a small ruck sack I bought, but have found a small toiletries bag also works well.

- Kimberly