I finally got it onto DVD, and it works in the dvd player attached to the tv at that! What is that you might be asking??? My Mark Making with Nature: Surface Design with Natural Dyes DVD!

I finally broke down, and spent next months grocery money, on Pinnacle Studio Titanium last night at Best Buy. Which reminds me there's a rebate attached to the box. Soooooo I will be cranking out the rest of the video tonight - I finally learned how to make Menus and the like, and hopefully will be shipping come Saturday!

Oh and in case you were worried that all there is was a dumb ole dvd well there's a book attached to one of the dvd's with embedded video clips as well! You can purchase the DVD at my webstore The Prairie Fibers Company which by the way the DVD is currently 40% off, so enjoy>

I"m planning on putting clips here and on the webstore as well, hopefully before the weekend is out. Technology can be good, and can be overwhelming at times.