Where's Your Orders???

Ok I had a slug, actually more like a ton, orders on August 9th, I just finished those up this week and am working my way through the rest of the orders now. I'm hoping to have most everything sent out by Monday or Tuesday of next week. It's a one woman operation here and with a bum knee slow going at times.

Also please note that if you ordered Shiva Paintstiks or Rubbing Plates these are on backorder until after the 15th of September as my distributor is out of the office until then - there was an inventory glitch with the shopping cart. FYI I will continue to carry the Shiva's in the future.

Silk Cocoons - If you ordered Dyed Cocoons I'm dyeing them up, dyeing them with natural dyes takes some time as they need to sit in the dye pot for at least a day and sometimes longer if they require more than one dye stuff to achieve the color - black is a good example of this. To get black I dip them 8 times in indigo, over dye with Osage Orange and then over dye them with Cochineal or Madder Root - and sometimes I still end up with a wildy cool green or grey color instead