What I"m Up To

Well this week I'm going to be filling orders like a madd woman! I'm also finishing off my online class stuff, video taping can be such a pill at times, and then I'm uploading it all at once so it's all there.

Tonight I decided I wasn't filling orders, instead I worked on some artwork, which is actually for one of the online classes I'm teaching. More samples!

Quite frankly it's really nice to not have to work the weekends anymore if I don't want to. From now on my weekend work will entail sitting out in the woods drawing and painting, or collecting specimens, and my dye pots. Well there's always housework but there's always housework so why get tied up in a knot about it right.

Brenda, my best friend that actually lives here - as I have several, and I went to JoAnns today and bought patterns. Normally I don't buy patterns but they were on sale for an incredible price so I couldn't resist.

I bought a mists of avalon style dress pattern that will show case my fabrics beautifully. The best part is the pattern is big enough to fit even the likes of me! I can't wait to start dyeing and printing fabrics for this dress, it's a Butterick pattern and I don't have the pattern number handy at the moment, but I'll try to post it later. I admit it I'm a sucker for that kind of dress and if it were to come in vogue again I'd be the first one in line to have such a wardrobe.