Monoprinting with Natural Dyes

I managed to work one hour tonight in my studio, for which I am sure pay dearly for later, creating some cloth. I was gong to submit this piece, after it cures and I had quilted it, to Quilt National, that was before I made a huge mess on the silk and hid it with the swallows. So now I will have to create another piece of cloth to be made into a quilt of some sort.

This piece, which was compost dyed first, is actually hanging horizontally, I flipped the image to vertical so you could see it better, hence the reason it looks odd. I screen printed the image of the swallows onto the fabric. Actually it looks a lot like a day hubby and I spent out at the prairie - hoping to photograph bison - but all we saw were swallows dive bombing dragon flies in the tall prairie grasses instead.