And Yet More Monoprinting

This is what one does with the left over natural dyes on the printing plate. The fabric is cotton that has been dyed with weld - immersion dye bath. I then proceeded to use it to mop up the rest of the dye on the plate, by placing it face down and using a brayer to get good coverage on the fabric. It actually has potential. I'll be doing this again tomorrow as I have more printing to do but I'm really tired tonight.

It is important to note that the fabric will not be this color after it's done curing and has been washed. The yellow will be bright yellow, not gold as it now appears. With natural dyes in order to get a good color transfer in any method involving a binder you need to have the color concentrated 30 to 50% more than what you actually see in the paste. The dark color is logwood grey, which will be purples whence it is done, has also mixed with the osage orange to form a very interesting green color. These colors will be stunning on the silk fabric when I'm done with it as well.