Peppers doing so much better now, he's back to his ornery self biting and the like. I have to worm him again in eight days, not fun btw! I'm sure he'll be thrilled by the experience. I still have to worm The Old Man of the Woods, probably tomorrow now that things have settled down a bit around here.

Tomorrow afternoon we will finish filming the DVD, it was done, but I was royally unhappy with the dvd, no fault on anyones part actually but it wasn't what I was hoping for. I think this has more to do with being radically inexperienced with these sorts of things, it's times like this that one needs a stage manager to tell you what to do when being filmed.

I've been practicing photographing my fabric pieces, I need better bulbs for my photo lamps. The ones I have are way too blue, and the others are tungsten and won't work either - unless I use tungsten film which can get spendy and really quick like.