Some like it...

It got really hot here today, it's about time actually, it's a nice hot but it's hot none the less. The corn needs this heat to grow so it's a good thing, it's been unseasonably cool the past two weeks actually. I finally turned the central air on, about 20 minutes ago, I couldn't take it any longer it was 90F in the house. Mainly my dehumidifiers can't keep up with the heat, it's only 76 in the basement, however even with two dehumidifiers going it's still damp feeling down there.

In about an hour it'll be fine again, and I can go back to dyeing fabrics, been doing a lot of video taping of the dye pots, and making digital prints.

Speaking of prints, I've been wrestling a 24x36 transfer print for two days now and finally figured out it wasn't me but then new transfer film. I am unable to purchase the film I had been getting before, I'm not sure if the company (HP) quit making them or not, anyway... I'm getting my execrise wrestling with the new product. I guess the upside is I have lots of samples of what happens when you don't do it right the first time, and I'm writing it down on my samples of I know for future reference.