Shiny Objects

I've decided to make a portrait piece of my mother, she died last year at the age of 57. I was thinking quilt but I have a feeling it's going to be a bit more mixed media, though all stitched down, now.

I've got a call out for shiny objects as I don't collect those sorts of things, I'm into straight fibers myself, but mom was a bit of a crow - she liked bragging on that fact herself actually. The only one that could out do her in the shiny department was her cat Bandit.

I started to make a piece, it was of a pic I took right before she died, the day after my grandmothers funeral, and have decided against it, she looks horrible in the pic though it was her natural way to dress. Instead I've decided on a pick from the 80's she looks pretty healthy in the pic, and I'd like to think that she would prefer that pic instead as well.