Prairie Dogs Again

Well the verdict is still out, they are not the kind of prairie dogs we call prairie dogs, but they sure act like prairie dogs, but they are definately NOT 13 or 7 striped ground squirrels either (commonly known as chipmunks). What we are suspecting is that they are a hybrid strain of prairie dogs bred for the retail market that have been "naturalized" if you know what I mean. What that means for the local environment is anyones guess. My neighbor is going to look up a few other native ground squirrels to see if by chance they could be one of these. Prairie dogs are a member of the squirrel family in case you didn't know. These creatures h act too much like meerkats, another scary thought, but are too small, but who knows maybe it's an import set free to naturalize. If we find out for sure what they are I'll post what we find. I'm bummed because I was really hoping for prairie dogs, of the non--hybridized variety.