One of those days

Things just haven't been going right all day, period. It's like fighting an up hill battle, and the hill is muddier than all get out. And if things weren't bad enough, now my tabby cat - Pepper - is deathly ill! I'm not sure what his problem is, except he has the same symptoms that Angel had earlier last week, so I wormed him, I hope this helps, we will know in a couple of hours.

I might add that a liquid wormer doesn't sit well with a tabby cat that doesn't want anything in his mouth. Both John and I ended up bloody in the attempt to worm Pepper, we both now have battle wounds in an attempt to keep the tabby alive. I'm hoping it's nothing worse than worms, he's been barfing all over the house for the past hour.

He seems stable at the moment, laying on the floor gently wagging his tail. I'm keeping him in the laundry room for the moment - serves several purposes, one he can make a mess in there all he wants, and two it's very close to my wet studio, two rooms over, so I can keep an eye on him. And last but not least htere very few places for him to crawl into or under so I have easy access to him if he does get worse in the next few hours.