No Fair!!!

This seems to be what Angel is saying to me, she sure doesn't like having her picture taken right after a bath. Poor baby she's been very ill all day, so she got a bath because she was starting to smell like she's been on a three day drunk.

If she's still sick tomorrow I'll take her to the vet, yes she will ive hat long. Based on what I'm seeing (do I really need to give details here? I think not) she's got a super bad case of worms, I wormed her this morning we'll see how it goes.

Needless to say I haven't gotten anything done as I've spent the entire day either cleaning up after the dog, or cleaning the dog herself, she's not as neat and tidy as the cats when it comes to getting sick, I've never seen a dog get itself so messy before.

Anyway, back to the grind.