New Cabinet - Sorta

This was hiding in our attic, well it wasn't hot pink when it was in the attic, it was varnished, now it's pink! It'll get two more coats of primer, cause I have lots of hot pink primer for some odd reason, and then two coats of lady bug red semi-gloss paint. It is going to be hung in the kitchen, I'd rather have it in my studio, and I"m going to put all of those pill bottles we seem to collect in there. I'm not sure why it happens but it would seem that as a person ages the number of pill bottles also increases in number. Why???

Btw hubby doesn't know that I painted this cabinet, he will when he gets home from work and I"m wanting him to hang it on the kitchen wall!

Also a new - sorta kitchen cabinet/counter top. We're removing the enamel table top from the metal table base, it has casters on it, and DH is mounting the table top to a wooden cabinet, two doors behind which lives two shelves, just under the top three smaller utensil drawers for his thermometer collection, and the little graters for spices and cheese. Finally I'll have a place for my cast iron skillets to live, they will no longer be out in the open collecting dust. It'll be painted lady bug red as well, the wood was all curb side salvage! Gotta love a man whose more than to willing to stop by a pile of junk and pull out primo wood.