Holy Cow Batman!!!

That's gonna be one huge piece! I have to go read the rules for a few upcoming compeitions but I"m thinking that two layers is suffecient enough. Both layers are compost dyed, top layer is silk organza, bottom layer is cotton lawn/batik.

Ok my table is 9 foot long and is 3 feet high in most places, and the end of this quilt is haning off of the table somewhere around 30 inches, it's also over 54 inches wide, I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle all of the stitching, maybe some hand stitching will be required.

The lighting sucks in these pics, I need to get my daylight bulbs out and put them into the photo lamps. The piece is mainly purples, mauves and light oranges, you'd never know that by looking at the pictures.

So my mission tonight is to get this bad baby together, along with another super sized quilt, and put everything back onto the table and get ready for tomorrow. Yeah right and who needs sleep right.