Poor Truck

Well this is what it looks like so far, John is having a dickens of a time getting the old exhaust system off of the truck, that'll probably be all he'll accomplish tonight, and hopefully it won't take long to put the new one on tomorrow. All I need to do is find the warrenty for hte old one as it developed a rather large hole in it in less than three years.

At least it'll be ready for my trip to New Jersey, and then Oklahoma. I'm teaching in NJ July/August at Peters Valley, and then in Nebraska I think in both in August September , and Oklahoma in September/October. And I think that'll about wrap up my travel schedule for the year.

We were supposed to go to Nebraska this weekend, should have left last night. But John was unable to get the day off today. It's too bad too as I would have loved to have spent a weekend doing nothing but field research - collecting plants, roots, and fungi for NA dyeing. We were going to stay with a friend in their cabin, nice weekend off to tell the truth. Well I was planning on finishing off those last 6 (more like 20 or so) pages on my thesis while there - no phones, no computers, no pets, no interruptions - you get the picture. The place where we would be staying has buffalo/bison and all sorts of wonderful native prairie plants. Oh well, I can't drive my truck w/o an exhaust system plus it was only getting louder and louder not enjoyable for me at all.

Here's a special pic of hubby crawling around underneath my truck, isn't he such a sweetie! I'm glad he's mechanically inclined, it'd drive me batty if he wasn't actually.