Gelatin Plate

While I paint and work very fast, in fact I have to force myself to slow down so my students can see what I'm doing, my paints are still drying too quickly on my gelatin plate. It is very dry here right now, very dry.

So tomorrow I'll have to get some retarder for my paint. I can't wait. I had to stop tonight because I ran out of surfaces to work on and that's a first for me.

Actually, I had forgotten how addictive printing could be. I'm going to have to dig through my fabric stash and see what I have that can be sacrificed for the cause. I have some commercial batiks that I'm not so fond of anymore that'd make good candidates. I don't think my natural dyes will show up well on them though as these fabrics are already pretty brilliant in color, but the synthetic paints will show up nicely, especially the metallic ones.

So now I'm in the process of photographing and video taping the gelatin plate process for my classes. It's a lot of fun, and that's an understatement! Unfortuantley it's getting late here so I need to think about turning in for the night. I'll try to remember to post pics, but the memory is a bit lacking of late.