The Necessaties

But maybe not so desirable. I just finshed mowing the lawn. I wish hubby could have gotten it done himself, but it was already pushing two feet high, yes we have had that much rain, and it actually started raining again while I was mowing! But I got it done anyway.

I'm not sure when we're supposed to get sunshine again to be real honest. And no I'm not supposed be mowing the lawn, between bad knees and hips, and a severe allergy to creeping charlie, a noxious weed, I'm betting I'll be hurting tomorrow and big time.

Anyway, hubby can run the weed whacker for me. I'd really like to get into my garden and start transplanting my plants - hostas, lilies, lily of the valley, and the like. And I have a bunch of perinneals I bought to put in the yard, thyme, bee balm, actually I guess that was all I bought. Anyway, we have cabbages to plant as well.

More later. Here's a picture of our summer project, getting the rest of the house painted this year. Two words, paint sprayer!