Another view

Here's another view of my fabric, now that it's been dried. I really like my photography lamps, why I haven't used them until now I do no know. I know they don't work well with the digital camera, I'll have to dig out the slr for that task. So the fabric may appear a bit bluish in this pic. I may take a pic outside tomorrow, in the daylight.

I haven't decided if I want to screenprint on this piece yet or not, it's very tempting. It'll be the first time I've ever screenprinted on a piece of my compost dyed fabric. I have some madder lac extract made up that would add some real dimension to this piece. If I were to use the osage ornage instead it'll end up discharging some of the surround colors, which could be really neat. Decisions decsions.

Speaking of which I'm learning a very valuable lesson, burning cd's/dvds with video takes forever. Oh and I need new/more ram for my computer as this will make the burning process go faster.