It's really hard to create when your allergies make your head feel as if half your brain has been sucked out, through your left eye. I woke up this morning hubby asked me how I felt and I replied with I feel as if part of my brain is actually missing. Of course the sloshy feeling in my head only amplifies these thoughts. He informed me that he didn't see the mother ship land last night so my brain should still be in there somewhere.

Anyway... my digital camera is crippled but I'm still able to take pics, I just can't zoom in and out, hopefully next month I'll be able to spring for a new camera???

Sales of the new DVD have been brisk, it's due for release on May 1st, I'm excited and still shocked that I even have the capacity to do something like this. I guess that's ok it'll keep me humble. Now to get the book to a printer and get it on the shelves as well.

Here's a pic of my crab apple tree, just one of many plants and trees that are blooming, making my head scream. I woke up yesterday morning at 4 am with a headache so bad I thought I'd be sick. A couple of allergy pills later and I was fine. Tis the season for everything that is beautiful that causes an allergic reaction.