The bitter taste of frustration is so well... frustratiting. I've been trying to get video to upload to my teaching forum for over a week now. And while it's finally doing so tonight my dsl has decided to move at a snails pace! I don't know if uploading at 3 am instead would have helped or not.

And I've carved all of these wonderful stamps out of this speedball speedycut rubber stamp carving material and the stamps are literally falling apart before eyes. I should have known something was up the stuff was pretty flimsy feeling when I bought it but it was the only chunk left on the shelf! What a waste of time an money! The Speedball Speedy Stamp stuff, it's pink, is a lot firmer, but good luck finding it locally. I have a really large chunk fo the speedy cut rubber. So I guess I'll chock it up to one time use only.

Here's what I've been doing while I've been waiting for my video to upload. I decided to go back into my journal and decorate a page.