Fresh Air

I've been trying to spend an hour outside working in my garden/yard each day. Slowly but surely we are beating back the dead dried brush and raking up all of the leaves around this place. Tomorrow we start the ardous task of removing all of the junk on the property, and it's amazing how much we have collected. A lot of it came from the old deck/wheelchair ramp we tore down, and then my loving husband salvaged a bunch of arts and crafts style windows from a dumpster, yada yada yada.

Whatever right.

Well the yard is starting to look really nice. I've even decided, and normally I woudn't do this, to kill off the creeping charlie and replant grass in the yard. I said I wouldn't normally do this but I've come up allergic to the stuff, so it must go, along with that new wasp nest I found today - that I'm deathly allergic to.

I'll have to take pics tomorrow, of the yard. While it'll never make the pages of Country Gardens or Fine Gardening, for me it's lookin real good. I am slowly building my flower seed stores back up, after hubby left mine outside for two weeks last summer - it seems it rained that whole two weeks as well - and am now planting perinneals. Mainly I'm going for the native type flowers as they ususally need very little watering. And then there's the herbs and the medicinal plants - which usually just look really nice - like foxglove for instance.