screen printing table

You may be wondering why the shiny surface? It's clear vinyl. It serves a multitude of purposes but mainly when dye painting, printing or stamping with natural dyes it keeps them from penetrating the fabric surface below. I can wipe the vinyl down when I'm done, and if need be if I really need a cloth surface I can put the grey felt on top of the vinyl.

Now you may wonder WHY I am doing this? Well I don't want the natural dyes seeping into the canvas and foam surface below. Natural dyes need heat and mordants to be set, if they bleed into the surface below they will continue to bleed color onto any wet fabric or fibers that is used on the table there on. Hence the vinyl barrier.

Now why would I use vinyl instead of regular heavy plastic? It's easier to get creases and wrinkles out of vinyl than out of heavy plastic. I can use a hair dryer to gently coax wrinkles and the like out of the vinyl, not so with heavy plastic.