Old Works New Ideas

I'm a thinker. When it comes to my work I'm very process oriented, I have about 85% of the work done in my head before I ever touch a piece of fabric. Also I find that it I work best, on a piece, if I think about it while working on other pieces, less I overwork the piece I'm currently working on. Hence I tend to have 5 or more pieces going at once.

I actually work better this way. My work is of higher quality, and I produce more of it if I'm not fixated on it at the time of execution. Usually when someone interrupts me and starts asking me questions I start to overthink the situation and that's when the grand mistakes begin. My husband noticed this about two weeks ago when I was painting some images of buffalo. He started talking to me and I started screwing up. Now he stays out of the studio if I have brush or needle in hand. Need I say that the piece I ruined was a personal favorite of his so now he really understands.

I'm journaling again, I have found that coloring the pages has an interesting affect on me, if it's colored I can't write anything bad on the page. An interesting phenomenon to say the least. I've also started glueing things into my journal, some things obviously won't work as they are 3-D but I can draw their likeness and put that on the journal pages instead.

Well I'm off, though I'm still suppsed to be on bedrest, with my feet elevated no less, I have tons of work to get done that won't wait for the fat lady to sing.