Drought and Garden

While I should be resting I decided to go work in the yard this afternoon. It is dry here, really really dry. Seems that everyone to the north and west of us are getting rain and or snow but not us! So hubby and I raked up all of the dead and dry stuff from around the house, we have about half the job done.

We live on a very busy street, on the way to the grocery store, and people like to toss their cigerrette butts out their windows, I know this because I find lots of them, of all brands and sizes, in my front yard. And I really don't want my house burning down because some jerk doesn't have the decency to use the ashtray that came with their vehicle!

The up side to having done this is I can see that my flowers are coming up, and I have lots of them. We need to get our fences up to keep the rabbits from eating all of the Iris, Tulips, Hyacinths, and Jonquils. My Coral Bells survived the winter, as did my Black Hollyhocks. I am not sure what happened to my Hens and Chicks, but I'm thinking they may need thinning and transplating. I'm hoping, later in April or May, to transplant my Hosta's from the backyard to the frontyard. Then we can fence in the backyard for the sheltie, giving her some room to run, and she needs it.

Next weekend, if the weather is nice like today, I will have dh repair the grape arbor, which is a glorified 1 x 6 nailed to 4 x 4 posts. One of the posts has rotted off at grass level and needs to be replaced. I trimmed the grapevines back, and hard, way back in January or so. And we will tackle the blackberry bushes, that I"m now starting to regret having bought and planted. I wish I would have bought more grapevines instead. I may be feeling like this about the Jerusalem Artichoke I planted last year as well.