Critquem This

Ok Critique: Click on the word "critique" above and you will be taken to the enlarged image of the quilts below. They are shown side by side, before and after shots, the before shot is on the right hand side.

It doesn't help that so much time has elapsed since I started this piece, and that I am continously interrupted, so much so that I forgot what I was saying. The sad part is I journal about every piece I make, either before, during, or after, and this one I failed to do so! I may have some odd notes about it someplace. As ususal it's a Prairie piece, and I think I was looking at old lichen covered fence posts when I started the work.

The piece that is about 12" wide by 49 inches long.

The fabrics and the embellishments have all been dyed with natural dyes. The bottom coppery fabric has been compost dyed. It's all machine stitched and the red peices are tied on, using waxed cotton thread, by hand.

There are sew puckers/pleats in the fabric and this is
intentional. I did the sewn puckering before I added batting and
backing fabrics.

The piece has started to nag me, it's bothering me in my sleep,
therefore I think it's time to finish it and move on to the next pieces