Natural Surfaces Challenge 1

Natural Surfaces Challenge 1
In order to participate in this challenge you MUST be a member of The Natural Surfaces Yahoo Group for the duration of the challenge.

Final piece must:

Consist of more than five techniques: Natural Dyeing, Pigments, Clay/Ocher/Oxides, Stitching, Felting, Encaustic, Handmade Paper (which could include paper pulp, silk paper, wool/felt/pulp combination) etc. Yes you can use synthetic paints, and in some instances even synthetic dyes but over all natural techniques should comprise 75% of your final piece.

Size Minimum 18" wide Maxium 36" wide. Length minimum 72" long and the is maxium 108" long.

To make this fair you must be a member of this list and March 1 is the cut off date for joining this Challenge. Maybe I'll even come up with a better name for the challenge. This also gives me time to arrange an exhibition, in real time not just on the internet.

Due date: January 2nd, 2007

I plan to post this in the files section and on my blog:

I have expectations of creativity and from what I've seen of members work you guys are definately up to the challenge.

You can make more than one piece but I reserve the right to limit your final piece(s) depending on the number of participants. If there are only a few of us then you can enter more pieces.