Blood River Canyon

Well all I have left to do is sew some sort of finish onto the edges, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do at the moment as my Janome 6500 is in bad repair. I'm not sure how I did it but I seem to have bent the shank on my machine, not good not good at all especially since I have about 5 more quilts begging to come out. I hope I can get my machine in tomorrow, but that means a trip to Des Moines, and that they ahve a machine I can borrow in the meantime, I can't be without a machine. I have a 5124 but it's not up to what I'm doing right now. This was why I bought the 6500 in the first place, not to mention that it's light years faster than the 5124.

Blood River Canyon Both pieces are silk dupoini that has been dyed with natural dyes. The silk crepe de chine in the center has been dye painted with natural dyes. The reddish area is dyed flax. The backing fabric is cotton that has been dyed with indigo, as it was too cold to go out and buy some black Kona cotton today, an the quilt batting is Hobbs Wool batting. The Hobbs Wool batting I carry on my webstore, see link in the sidebar to the right.

Everything was machine stitched, well that is until I broke my machine.