Blood River Canyon Series and Life

It's interesting that one can work on a series, a new body of work with great joy and passion only to wake up the next day and hate it! I can do better, I know I can and I have, but I'm so short on time that the things I want to do I don't have time to do.

The tyranny of the urgent beckons.

The white piece won't be hung with the burgandy or the caramel colored piece, I'm making a slate grey piece to hang with the white one. I'm planning to do some stitching, in a different color, along the borders of both pieces, to make them different, to make the edges more obvious, maybe even intrusive/obtrusive.

I have a raging head cold, I just got over one with a double ear infection, and now I have another head cold, not even a day between colds. I'm thinking I need to get the juicer out and juice some garlic! Anyway my command of the english language tonight had all but disappeared. Grunting and groaning seems to be the way to go right now. And my hands feel really weird, sticky like??? I'm not sure what's up with that, except that I may have been running a fever earlier today. I slept until four this afternoon, I never do that.