Wet Studio

It's almost done, and I can't tell you how much work this has been, holy cow! There's a saying, it's only going to get worse before it gets better, so true so so true. My table and counter tops are buried underneath so much stuff it's not even funny. But, this has given me an opportunity to purge like none other before, mostly because I want my stuff to have a place that's not on the floor.

And since I can't store the inventory for the business on the floor I'm being forced to get rid of a bunch of stuff. And that's exactly what it is too, stuff! Stuff I've picked up along the way for some errant technique I wanted to try, and decided I didn't like. So out with the old, and in with organization!

Next stop my studio closet, out with the office supplies and in with nicely and neatly organized fabrics! They are organized now, I just can't get to them. And about half of my fabric is in the attic anyway.

Now to find a place to store all of my fibers, I gotta find the stud finder so my husband can build the loft for my fleeces to live on.

There'll be more pictures later, right now I'm so tired I could care less.