New Wet Studio

Well almost! I decided to not paint the floor at this time, I'll work on that later this spring when I can have the windows open, oil paint is not a good thing to be inhaling and the floor paint is oil based. I still need to paint the base of the counter, I'm using latex for that.

The counters are in, as of 11:05 pm last night! I'm so excited it's hard to focus on work when I'd rather be cleaning and arranging my new space. It's nice to have access to all of my brushes and tools. I've decided to lose all of the plastic containers my brushes live in and am using flower pots and old this and that that I'm finding around the house. Like the glass salt jar that never had a lid. The flower pots I have more than plenty of that are sitting around empty.

My biggest hurdle is remembering to leave enough space on the counter top for the computer moniter and the microwave. I dye silk fibers, with natural dyes, in the microwave and have one that's dedicated for dyeing only.

I've also decided to do some purging in both studios, and the house. I have lots of stuff I've been hanging onto that will never get used in that "special project". Most of it needs to be pitched, the rest needs to be sorted through and reorganized.
I'm taking the office stuff out of my design studio closet and putting it in another room, the result is a lot of shelf space to lay my fabrics out onto, all sorted by type and then by color. Ditto for the yarns and fibers, they will all end up in baskets, instead of hidden inside of boxes.