January Challenge

I posted this challenge on the Quilt Art List for the participants there:

Maybe it's time to start a monthly challenge to be hosted on this list? Especially in the down times when folks are not getting stuff ready for shows.
I really liked the idea of swapping the colors out on the paint by numbers kit, this would have been something we would have done in art classes. On another list I'm on we are doing a color challenge, the list owner made a list of 50 colors, you had to have your numbers picked out in advanced and then your colors were emailed to you, so you couldn't pick the colors you like.

So... If your game. Here's what I'm thinking. Make it small, post cards, journal quilt size, Atcs, whatever. It's January - up here in the north, and I want my snow. So my challenge to you if you want to participate is to use my 4 colors of winter, and white has to be one of them, tree bark brown, you pick your tree of course, and there are a gazillion varients of brown, crab apple red, and some bird color, pick your bird. Me I'm going with Blue Jay Blue as that's whats in my bird feeder right now. I suggest going outside and looking at a tree for your inspiration. This'd be a great project to try different techniques on, like drawing on fabric if you've never tried it before.

I will have my new website up very soon, http://www.blogger.com/www.thistlequill.com I'll post the challenge picks there.

Due date, Jan 31, 2006. Just let me know when your done, I'll post the info on my blog as well.

No sign ups necessary. So get sewing people!