Happy New Year and More

Happy New Year, lets hope and pray that it will be a better year than 2005 and on many many levels.

I'm about half done with my page, which is turing into quite the page I might add. I think I will have to glue a backing to it whence I'm done so that it's stable. Maybe a very thin piece of plywood that I cover with some nice handmade papers.

I don't normally post pics of work in progress but this is for those of you who are creating and are ever so frustrated with your work. Sometimes you have to make drastic changes. The book cover and back pieces for instance was one large single piece that just didn't do a whole lot for me. So I hacked it up, in the opinions of some individuals, it instantly became a book cover once it was divided into two pieces. I started out doing one thing, a little quilt that was supposed to be verticle and wound (did I spell that right???) up making a book instead. But hey my general theme of a garden is still intact.

And that's another point, sometimes you start out with one theme and the piece becomes another. I say why fight it, it wants to be what it wants to be.