"Winters Garden: Seeds and Weeds" Altered Book

Well it's almost done, if I can keep the cats beat off long enough to assemble the book I've got it made. Apparently bring nature indoors is tantamount to giving caviar to a love struck socialite. I don't think Catnip would hold a candle to this, course it probably smells like the store, not like nature.

Anyway, the blob of burnt orange fluff above the book cover is wild Cotton Boles. If I lived down south I'd cultivate them and harvest cotton as a past time, but alas cotton doesn't thrive well in Iowa.

I'm off to make a few pages, gotta dig all of those wonderful yummy threads out. The fabrics, ribbons and trims are dyed with natural dyes unless otherwised stated. I've been doing a lot of surfacing to my fabrics of late.