Angels, Herbs, and Cameras

I'm really pleased as I have now figured out how to get my digital camera to take macro shots, that's a close-up for those not familiar with camera terms. The world is my Oyster so to speak now that I've overcome this hurdle.

The Angel, yes she was on a nativity, it was laying int he bag with my mothers nativity scene. Which btw needs a good old fashion coating of moss. It's probably older than I am. We had other ornaments just like this one on our tree though. So I'm wondering if mom bought them at the same time as the nativity??? I still don't know where all of her nativity figurines are.

I'm going to enjoy Christmas this year, got a few goodies for my better half, that he doesn't know about. Nothing out rageously expensive, just something he might enjoy. We're going to go book shopping after xmas, I have coupons for the Half Price Bookstore which ought to be a lot of fun.

Lately I've been buying herb books, mostly medicinal herb books as we already had some basic herb books. I've decided I want to do a distance learning course for herbal medicine. We'll see how much time I have for this first, until then I'm reading up on herbal health and it's very interesting. I picked up two Chinese Medicine books yesterday, one was by Penelpe Ody, the other by Dainel Reid. Both are very interesting, though I don't think I can get even a tenth, of what they perscribe, here locally. But i'ts still very interesting reading.