Quilts For Sale!

I did something today I thought I'd never do, I put my quilts up for sale on my webstore. If I can sell the quilts I have for sale I can pay for my building outright. I'll still need a loan to buy a new furnace and put in a bathroom, but the store would be mine. At this point this is the only way I can make this work, is to sell my artwork.

The woman who owns the store won't rent out the whole building to me, the only way I can get the whole building is to buy the building. the up side is I will have my business and my professional studio out of the house. This means no more stairs, that my aching knees are rebelling against, and no more worrying about the pets getting into rooms that are off limits to them.

So if your interested in seeing what I have for sale check out my art website or my webstore for more details.