Time Off

I've been ill for about four to five days now, I'm not sure what I have but it's got me by the tail, which really sucks on your birthday. Turning 39 will forever go down in my history as having the flu - or something anyway. Oh yeah lets don't forget finding out I have skin cancer - that was last week.

I'm trying to get some stuff ready for a show on Sunday, but I don't think I'm going to make it, I just don't feel up to it. I have orders I need to get out the door tomorrow morning, I'll either Fed-Ex them or send them via the Post Office. My Texas customer orders will go out next week, when Rita is done doing her damage.

You know what I really want, a blizzard (not the DQ kind), a big blueberry muffin, some hot chocolate with whipped cream, and to sit in my big easy chair, knitting up some socks. Blizzards are great, no rush to go anywhere, just stay home, you can waste as much time as you want and never need to feel guilty because you can't go anywhere.

Well it also helps that I love winter.